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Medical Assistant II

Company: Massachusetts General Hospital
Location: Boston
Posted on: June 12, 2021

Job Description:

Sr Technical Assistant - Medical Assistant for Department Surgery:

Provides technical support to surgeons by performing duties in the following areas of clinical operation:

  • In-office diagnostic procedures.
  • In-office surgical procedures.
  • Specialized equipment care and maintenance.
  • Specialized surgical instrument care and maintenance.
  • Maintenance of clinical environment of care.
  • Support practice initiatives by working with other departments to include: SPD, GI Endoscopy Unit and Main Operating Room.
  • Mentor and assist new clinical staff and externs.
  • Attend meetings, focus groups, trainings and other group initiatives as deemed necessary and appropriate by Administrative Manager.
  • Promotes and adheres to all regulatory and safety standards; OSHA, JCAHO, Infection Control, HIPAA. Maintains required certifications and core competencies.


Coordinates and assists with office-based diagnostic procedures.

  • Set up and assist in colorectal ultrasound procedures during daily outpatient clinic hours.
  • Assist with image capture and archiving and storing images in equipment database by taking digital image with equipment, labeling file with patient identifiers and saving to appropriate archival database.
  • Assist in preparing and positioning patient for transducer placement by administering the appropriate bowel prep and positioning patient in prone position on procedure table.
  • Assist in balloon inflation and drainage by inserting the appropriate anoscope for balloon insertion and assisting patient with evacutation.
  • Administer patient bowel preps as needed.
  • Clean and disinfect anorectal probe.
  • Set up and assist in anorectal manometry procedures during daily office clinical sessions.
  • Prepare and assist in positioning patient and placing catheter and balloon by inserting the appropriate anoscope for balloon insertion and assisting patient with evacutation.
  • Coach the patient on timing contractions while surgeon operates equipment, using stop watch and telling patient when to flex the splenic flexture inducing voluntary contractions.
  • Assist patient with balloon expulsion and catheter removal.
  • Assist with pudendal nerve monitoring (probe placement) and sphincter sponge testing as warranted by insertion of the appropriate anoscope for probe to be placed through.
  • Set up and assist with flexible sigmoidoscopy and polypectomy.
  • Sterile test all instruments prior to procedure.
  • Administer bowel preps as needed.
  • Assist in preparing and positioning the patient for scope insertion, administering the appropriate lubricant and placing the patient in the prone position on procedure table.
  • Assist in polypectomy by inserting forceps into scope and extracting tissue samples from forceps.
  • Set up and assist in thyroid ultrasound and ultrasound guided biopsy procedures
  • Prep and position patient for surgeon.
  • Prepare needle gun for biopsies
  • Download , archive and index all captured images

Coordinates and assists with office-based surgical procedures during daily clinic sessions.

  • Set up and assist with a variety of minor, specialized surgical procedures including (but not limited to):
  • Hemorrhoid ligation by setting up the ligator with appropriate bands, preparing the rectal area and positioning the patient.
  • Core needle breast biopsy preparing biopsy tray and needle guns for use by surgeon and passing instruments needed during procedure.
  • FNA by preparing the aspiration needles and setting up the slides for specimen capture.
  • Lymph node and temporal artery biopsy
  • Excisions (pilonidal and sebaceous cyst, lymphoma, moles and skin lesions) by setting up the instrument trays, laying out the local nerve block agent, preparing the site for excision (marking if necessary), dressing the wound post excision, preparing specimens for pathology and recording the Universal Protocol Timeout.
  • Incision and drainage procedures following procedures similar to office excisions.
  • Botulinum toxin (and other) injections by reconstituting the medication and laying it out for surgeon with the appropriate needles, preparing the rectal area and placing the patient in a prone position on the procedure table.
  • Removes sutures and staples instructed by surgeon

Specialized Equipment Maintenance

  • Perform required infection control testing and documentation for sterilization agents and equipment
  • Pre-clean and leak test all video-sigmoidoscopes prior to processing.
  • Clean suction pumps; replacing canisters as needed.
  • Clean and disinfect rectal ultrasound probes in high level disinfecting agent.
  • Clean and disinfect linear array transducers for thyroid ultrasound.
  • Clean and disinfect manometry and biofeedback probes and pudendal nerve monitors.

Care and Management of Surgical Instruments

  • Scrub out (remove blood and tissue) and disinfect all instruments prior to terminal sterilization
  • Wrap all clean instruments for processing
  • Tag and remove all defective instruments; notify manager of status of these instruments.
  • Assemble all specialized instrument trays used in practice.

General Clinical Duties

  • Direct patient flow in outpatient practice facility, managing flow of charts between reception area and clinical examination area and escorting patients from waiting area to clinical examination area and pre-check out.
  • Continuously monitor and update patient tracking system to reflect movement of patients in facility.
  • Takes pre-visit / pre-procedure vital signs.
  • Perform basic phlebotomy (as needed).
  • Transport specimens as required.
  • Properly dispose of medical waste and soiled linen.
  • Perform clinical and pharmaceutical supply inventory
  • High school diploma or equivalent required. Completion of certificate program in medical assisting with internship required. Associates degree preferred.
  • Minimum two years experience in outpatient surgical environment.
  • Minimum two years experience with handling diagnostic equipment and surgical instruments.
  • Current phlebotomy certificate.
  • Current BLS certification.
  • Basic computer skills.


  • Proper handling of surgical instruments.
  • Basic understanding of nosacomial infections and infection control standard.
  • Trained in and demonstrates proficiency in sterile technique.
  • Training in diagnostic equipment maintenance, pre-cleaning and handling
  • Basic Life Support / CPR trained.
  • Patient vitals
  • Basic phlebotomy


  • Outpatient ambulatory practice facility. Some O.R.
  • Exposure to bodily fluids and items that may be contaminated with human blood or waste products.
  • Exposure to sharp objects, such as scalpels.
  • Exposure to cleaning products and other chemicals.
  • Restricted Area access required.

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